How does it work

From Tuesday to Friday between 11 PM and 3 AM you can bring your clothes unannounced. On Saturdays, you can do this by appointment only. MOOIZO only accepts branded clothing, accessories, belts, shoes, bags and jewelry. The clothes can only be taken in if they are clean, ironed and “up to date”. (A brand like PAUW for example, is still very popular and timeless. In this case, it can also be an older piece).


As a client, you will receive a personal account number and a copy of the form with an overview of the submitted clothes. Each garment will be presented in the shop for two months.
On disposal, you will receive 50% of the net selling price (exclusive of VAT). MOOIZO determines the price at which your articles are going to be sold. Unless it is a unique piece, we would like to do this in consultation with you. With much enthusiasm, we’ll do everything possible to sell your input for you.


In case you would like to have your unsold items returned after the period in which they should have been sold, we take account of this on your form. This rule does not apply to unsold shoes, which are donated to charity directly (due to storage capacity). You can pick up your clothes within the collection period (see diagram). We kindly ask you to pick up the items back in time, since we need the retail space for new intake. When the pick-up period has expired, we will donate the items to charity. These are: the Food Bank Amsterdam Zuid, welfare organisationThe Roggeveen and a village in Cameroon.